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My flight connection was in the same terminal, 21 gates to the right, and I still managed to get lost. I also realized (ten minutes before my flight left) that I was sitting at the wrong gate. The Dallas airport has at least fifty flights to Midland. Sheesh.
(Apparently, the U.S. rodeo champion or whatever was on the plane, too. The lady called him up before the flight as "Brazil", which stuck because it was a weird name. He had a cowboy hat and he was sitting next to the lady with the cute puppy in the doggy-shoulder-bag. That stuck too. I read about Mr. Brazile in The Texas Monthly afterwards. haha. My brush with fame!)

The South is just different. A homey, scorching hot, laid back type deal. As soon as I stepped foot in Grandmama's door, I was stuffed with chicken-speghetti and texas toast.

Grandmama is like superwomen with her walker. Sheesh, she just scoots all over the place! I'm telling you, not even a broken hip will faze her. . . I sorta unhelpfully watch and seize whatever help she needs when the (rare) opportunity arrives (I got to feed the plant!) It's like being roommates with my grandmama - which is epically awesome. We both sit in the living room with our "fluffies" (the world's coziest blankets ever - QVC!) and we just chat, read, or listen to the thunder. We even dusted the living room together. I reached the spots she couldn't reach and we both puzzled about the spots I couldn't reach. #ShortProblems

Inky - a.k.a. Snoops - the stray kitty, sat by the door all afternoon. I saved him some of the chicken I bought (with my uncle's help) during our morning grocery excursion. Yeah. I learned how not to write a check, remembered that sometimes people push your cart to the car (weird!) and that all some of the roads in Lamesa are like a big pothole.

  • Grandmama and I turn on QVC real loud so it doesn't get quiet in the house. If we get restless, she'll show me how to use the washer and we'll both run around trying to find hangers and talk about sheet thread counts and whatnot.
  • I ran the dishwasher once in two days. And we even had company over the day before.
  • Grandmama and I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. And because she's just so awesome - we even talked about boys (rather, my boy) and commented on the guys in the magazine ads (I still think he looked like a serial killer instead of a model for plaid tshirts...)
  • I know how to get to Walmart. Turn left. Go to the dead end by the park. Turn right. Turn left before the stoplight. Speed limit 45.
  • I found coffee. And Chex Mix. And someone even left a whole pile of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups in the pantry.  
  • I help her, she helps me - we both can't figure out medicine - but we get along just fine.

P.s. 97 degrees is apparently cold in Texas. But when I, a loner from 69 degree Wisconsin, stepped out of that airplane. . .


  1. :) Grandmamas are the best! Have fun - you'll definitely cherish these week(s?) and memories that you create!

  2. :) your grandma sounds pretty cool.

  3. Bethany, you're amazing! It sounds like you and your grandmama are getting along just fine. Thanks so much for being down there. It's a comfort to me knowing that MY mother has a good helper and companion after her surgery. We miss you here at home, but it's fun to see a glimpse of your life there via this blog.

  4. The airplane ride looks fun! You always have really cool adventures! :D Thank you for sharing...and I miss you.

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  6. Looks like you're having a ton of fun, Bethany! It's so nice of you to help your Grandmama out :) I've never been to Texas, but I can imagine...
    Hannah Piotraschke

  7. Yep, Grandmas are pritty awsome


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