imma senior and a coffee addict

Two cups of coffee later, I realized this is my last year of high school.
Let that sink in and freak me out - sure.
(I studied trigonometry to forget my profound discovery)
I suddenly felt nostalgic and watched The Little Mermaid at midnight.
And thus, I finished my first day of school.

P.s. Grandmama announced that it was time for an ice cream break. We ate out of the bucket and watched The Food Network. ^_^


  1. "The best first day of school ever. . ." :)

  2. I started school on Monday!!! And you are so lucky that u get ice cream!!! (YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!)
    Me Love Ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I didn't get to start my first day of school at my Grandma's... :[
    =) I started on the 11th with some of my school, and hopefully will be on full schedule by this next Monday! I'm still waiting for some books...
    Glad you're enjoying yourself! And, coffee sounds really good right now (9:35pm)
    Hannah Piotraschke

  4. Sounds like a good first day. and it's weird how you long to be a senior. then you're a senior and you're not exactly sure if you want to be a senior. oh well.

    Coffee is pretty good.


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