People in Love | Part 2

Ever since our "Pancake Interrogation in the Kitchen Introduction" (say AWKWARD five times fast!), I just couldn't handle my sister dating. I thought her guy was weird. Plain weird. And I didn't quite like the google-eyed stare they both had whenever they were in the same room.
Ew. Awkward. // See my thoughts in People in Love | Part 1 HERE //

But...after he spent a few days at our house and after "babysitting" him while my sister cashiered at Walgreens - I decided he was tolerable. And actually...well...kinda funny. So whatever. He could date my sister, I suppose.

But despite my conclusions - I was still 100% annoyed about being interupted to take pictures of them right as I was in the middle of packing for camp. If I was still the grumpy-sister-who-thinks-love-is-awkward, I would roll my eyes and tell you how IMPOSSIBLE it was to take pictures of people in love.
But since I'm the grumpy-sister-who-thinks-love-isn't-too-awkward...
It was impossible. But it's kinda funny, too.
And not too awkward.  
Well. It starts off as just a blah-normal-cute picture of them because I don't want to pose them anywhere beyond the house and Erich really wants to go for a walk in the woods.

Bailey laughs...for some reason. Probably because she's next to her boyfriend. And like. Who laughs about that? (Wow. Sheesh.) I think I scold her for moving.

And then. It just goes downhill. In all sweet, dorky sappiness of course. I end up dying of laughter while Bailey & Erich desperately try to regain composure...

Well. They're still adorable. And by this time I'm suffering from cardiac-arrest due to laughing so hard.

But yeah. They're still pretty cute. =)


  1. I LOVE the last picture!!!!
    Hannah P

  2. "Tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me."

    Ok, actually they are adorable! But I couldn't help throwing in a quote from Pride and Prejudice! ;)


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