Texas Recap

 This is west Texas. Lovely, no?

 Christian being adorable and talking to his girlfriend. . .while swinging. ^_^

 Breaking out the Cribbage board. . .

 Remember this girl?

 Chilling at the pool. The only place to go in the afternoon. Seriously. It's SO hot (compared to mild Wisconsin) that you can't walk barefoot.

 What a cutie! Yes, I have a cousin with red hair. He was thoroughly pampered by all his adoring fans. . .

And then of course ^ this kid ^ can keep a beat with drums at age three. crazy talented my family is.
Speaking of cute. . .
 Dutch Blitz!

We had a family talent show that somehow turned into singing worship songs!
 And we're just the kind of goofs that have intense Minute 2 Win It competitions!

Things of epicness:
  • I learned to flip off the diving board - but I still couldn't show up my five-year-old dare-devil of a cousin!
  • We fed stray cats behind my grandmama's back. And she - who loathes them - gave in and fed them leftover fried chicken. Lucky cats.
  • Having sleepovers for an entire week is just. . .downright fun.
  • Homemade tortillas. Yeah. My aunt is just that awesome.
  • Playing "catagories" in the pool every afternoon until you drop from exhaustion and chlorine consumption.
  • Having manicures. . .and ruining them.
  • That lady who brought her pet cat into the rest-stop bathroom. I died of laughter.


  1. Okay your family looks like too much fun. and flipping off the diving board . . . whew. good for you!

  2. Looks like you guys had a TON of fun!!!! Awesome swimming pool =)
    Hannah P

  3. Looks like BUNDLES of fun to me. :)


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