that awkward confusion between chickens and "chicks"

For 5 miles, we walked hand-in-hand down this windy country road in (literally) the middle-of-mostly-nowhere.

As I surveyed the scenery, I noticed that the picturesque field of corn was rudely distorted by two random (shirtless!) guys gardening. Or something.
(guys garden?)

I'm the queen of sniffing out awkward/uncomfortable situations. This was definitely looking fishy.
Especially when one of the guys indiscreetly shielded his eyes from the sun and stared at us.
No. I mean totally stared.

Ooookaaaaaaay. Keep walking.

but no.
We couldn't just live life without being scarred by such an upcoming awkward situation.

Guy #1 hollers, "Hey, where are you guys from?"
(you guys = Northern form of y'all)

Since it's not like I'M about to answer two shirtless strangers, I let the boy answer instead. He did so.

Awkward level: 5 out of 10

Guy #2 takes a shot, "So, where'd you pick up the chick?"
(insinuating me???? Holy bananas. I think I died)

The boy pauses and repeats in utter bewilderment:
". . . . chickens??"
 (by this time I'm dying of laughter and my awkward instincts are telling me to hide. now. anywhere.)

Awkward level: 9.99  out of 10

Thank heavens! A car passes by, the question isn't repeated and the boy manages to smoothly decline an invitation to pick pickles.
(um. cucumbers, I assume?)

After a good laugh and making a mental note to avoid eye contact with strangers, the rest of the day exhibited no other uncanny awkward sneak-attacks.

But . . .
 I still held my breath whenever we passed any strangers around town.=)

 Oh. Speaking of us. . .
Yep. We're so mature. Especially when it comes to piling on the couch with siblings watching youtube videos. =) (And yes we dance in the middle of the road while narrating our own exercise "power-walking" programs. Don't judge.)


  1. Hahaha I loved reading this. :) So awkward. . .you both passed it hilariously well. :)

    Again, dying at how cute you two are together!

  2. Yeah. THAT was an interesting experience. The shirtless dudes were holding beers. So retarded. :D I told him to not overwork himself. HAH.

  3. FUNNY, AWKWARD, INTERESTING, WEIRD, HILARIOUS, SCARY, AWSOME, "that-was-an-exciting-experience-but-let's-not-do-that-again" sort of thing!?
    I think you two make the best couple ever ;)
    Hannah Piotraschke

  4. Cutest couple award goes tooooooo.....well, you know who. ;)

    Dating + hanging with sibs is like the best combo EVER. I love that photo! <3


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