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Waking up earlier than my siblings gives me a large variety of evil mid-morning shenanigans. However, I try to balance my practical jokes with a good dose of sugar. What's better dose of sugar than a warm cup of cocoa on a freezing morning? That's right, mocha. But my siblings don't like coffee, so I stuck with cocoa. :)

My sister and I decided to do morning reveille for mom via making a steaming cup of hot chocolate for our tardy siblings. Since Reveille is, of course, rather a boring song to wake up to, we blasted Augie's Great Municipal Band and greeted the sleepyheads with a cheery, "GOOD MORNING!!"
Augie's Great Municipal Band/End Credits by John Williams on Grooveshark

In our house, our cocoa consists of two scoops hot chocolate mix + water. Or milk, if you're sly enough to get away with it. But that's just bland, isn't it? So, I shared with y'all my ultra-professional-top-secret-ingredients to hot chocolate. With these great tips, you'll experience a revolution in your coffee mug! Bon Appetit!


  1. I LOVE AUGIES GREAT MUNICIPAL BAND! And hot chocolate...

  2. :) So funny! Love your vlogs, Bethany!

  3. Your posts never fail to entertain, but this one, complete with the comments your sisters made in the background, is perfect.

  4. Caroline: *derisive laugh* "YOU SPILLED THE MILK."

    And I'm surprised Christian was dumb enough to accept such torture.

    Also, you're adorable.


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