and then I went on a double date

Is is just me? Or do I laugh too much?
 WARNING: Yes, I'm sarcastic - and if you're offended or confused, don't judge. =) (and yes, we take selfies)

My thoughts on double-dating?
Well, I wasn't thinking.
I was determined not to stress out (as usual) about going out with a guy and his parents (for his golden birthday), just because I'd never done it before.
Shockingly, I succeeded.

Instead, I was running around like a headless chicken, finding car keys, pounding out English essays, scrambling for sheet music, changing out of sweat-pants and panda bear socks, and lump-in-my-throat-sobbing because I got mildly lectured for being ten minutes tardy to a piano lesson. 
And then I got stuck behind not one, but two dump trucks and a school bus. My forty-minute car ride to Big Falls turned into an hour car ride full of road rage and boredom.
Oops. forgot the detour.

Needless to say, I was so frazzled by the time I arrived, that I accidentally opened the car door in the face of the family dog. 0_0 HELLO EVERYBODY. I HAVE OFFICIALLY JUST SPED MY FORD FUSION DOWN YOUR GRAVEL DRIVEWAY WHILE BLASTING "MY NEW PHILOSOPHY" AND SLAMMING THE CAR INTO PARK.
(miraculously, I wasn't as late as I thought I was. sweet!)

Now, most people think going on a double date with someone's parents is awkward.

I didn't think so. But I still just about died because (I told you!) I stress out about everything. But after driving around to three different restaurants / crazy turns / jamming to. . .rap paradies (I had nothing to do with that!) it actually was. . .
really enjoyable. and sweet. and fun. and special.
That's right. No awkward pauses. No pressure. No this-is-really-weird-I-wanna-cry-moments.
Mr. and Mrs. D. did a marvelous job at ignoring the crazy antics going on in the back seat (ahem. . .ipod apps. . .) and we, in turn, helped make the decision on what kind of pizza to order. ;)
Did I mention we watched Mazerunner at 9:30 and loudly whispered in the nearly empty (freezing cold) movie theater with the squeaky chairs? Who said parents are awkward? Really people. . .
My conclusion? Double dating (with parents!) is perfectly acceptable and not at all weird. (secretly, I think parents like watching their children and children like watching their parents and smiling when they catch them being romantic. am I wrong?) Actually, it's amazing what pizza, coffee, evening walks, and being crammed in a car will do to a group of people. Especially if over half of them are related and half of them are in love with the other half. (whoa. that was confusing.)

Well. Whatdoyou think of double-dating? Scandalous? Horrible? Awkward? Fun? 


  1. I think it is sweet! Double dating is MUCH more fun then being alone I think.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! I think double dating can be super fun as long as the parents are not awkward about it. :P

  3. so fun!!! ;-P I love going on double dates with my parents!

  4. I hate double-dating, actually. It's much more fun to make my roommate third wheel.


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