{FRIENDLY FYI - moccasins, fall, and Wisconsin don't mix together at all.}
  • AWKWARD - leaving your car lights on for three hours flat, then trying to run in a narrow skirt to the so-said car while muttering, "oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. . ." (what's also awkward? almost running into your boyfriend's-dad's-electrical-van-thingy while backing up. shhh...don't tell anyone!)
  • AWESOME - Fuzzy socks + tights + wool skirts + fuzzy blankets + prayer shawls. And hot coffee, of course! (minus the ACT prep booklet. . .)
  • AWKWARD - spelling "awkward" as "awkard" and trying to figure out why it looks so funny
  • AWESOME - Singing, "Caroline's wearing a pink shirt, a pink shirt, a pink shirt. Caroline's wearing a pink shirt, all day long!" for literally, all day long. (anybody else know that song?)
  • AWESOMELY AWKWARD AND REALLY SAPPY - making "smittens" out of way-too-long-sweatshirt sleeves while running home walking in the freezing cold, freezing rain, and freezing wind.
Oh. Not sure when smittens are?
Now that you're properly scandalized. Or inspired. Or dying from all the cheesiness. Depends on your outlook on life. . .

AWESOME - making spaghetti and. . .eating it.
AWKWARD - getting coffee in the morning and feeling guilty because you're using a new coffee maker. How does that make the old coffee maker feel? =(
ANNOYING - driving a fifteen passenger van home in the dark while someone tailgates you with their brights on.
AWKWARD - putting gas in the tank of the same van and spending five minutes trying to get the gas cap off. Even awkwarder? The lady parked outside the convenience store who randomly strikes up a conversation with you (50 feet away!) about the annoyance of mother's being late for appointments. ooooh....I'm so sorry. Wow....shucks, that stinks....
AWESOME - the smell of fall. It's a beautiful 46 degrees outside!

What are your "Awkward + Awesome-isms" of the day?


  1. I have those big van moments all the time. Of course you driving really close to me with your brights on will help me drive faster so you, too, can go faster. Isn't that the way it works? No? No, okay.

  2. You didn't make those smittens. You didn't. Please tell me you didn't.

  3. @ Emily - exactly what I was thinking. er....actually saying. Somehow, if I just grumble profusely enough, the other driver will magically hear and obey me. =)

    @ Bailey - of course I didn't make reeeeeaaal smittens. I told you, I made a brilliant modified version with the extra 5 inches on my sweatshirt sleeve. But it doesn't really matter. Hands were still frozen.

  4. The smittens are awesome! Never heard of those, but I love them haha :D And I second you on loving spaghetti. Just had some for dinner last night and it was the bomb dot com!

  5. I love this list.
    and I TOTALLY understand the coffee maker thing. It's like I'm scared I'm going to hurt the other coffeemaker's feelings, ha!


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