Bay Beach | Family Excursion

We've lived in Wisconsin for what. . .eight years? And never before has the B family experienced a real-honest-to-goodness trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park. I mean, for 25 cents a ride, what on earth are we waiting for?

Needless to say, we were all desperate to have a spectacular chum-chummy family excursion where we could walk til we drop and watch people get sick on fair rides. What could be more fun?!

(Actually, we did watch people get sick to the extreme. The paramedics came for someone who got their leg stuck in the Tilt a Whirl. Creeeeeeeeepppppyyyy. Didn't I always say I had a good reason for never going on that ride? Anyway. I digress unnecessarily.)
It was a beautiful indian summer day, and Caroline started it off with running to the merry-go-round and riding on the hideous wild boar thing. Weird. She was a little dare-devil, and agreed to try the Ferris Wheel with me! (shhh...I illegally posed as an adult and accompanied a child under eight. . .)

The line was tediously long, but Caroline was persistent. And whatya know, the workers were really nice - shocker!

CAROLINE: It makes my tummy feel funny! (we must be deep in thought here. . .)
She convinced Joshua to take a flight with her. ;)
Meanwhile, Sarah and I duped Hannah into joining us on the Scrambler. We view it as a fun way to bond together as sisters. . .
. . .in reality, we argued like a bunch of heckling chickens the whole ride. We were dying of laughter at our squished predicament.
You would never guess we argue in real life, right?
Yeah. These are my stay-up-until-one-in-the-morning-sisters. We talk about boys, musicals and food. Plus everything else in-between. And yes, we take selfies on ugly picnic tables. :)
The highlight of Bay Beach. By far. ;) Roller-coasters are fun, ya'll!
And then Caroline convinced Daniel to go boating with her. Daniel was not impressed.The whole ride he pretended to be indifferent, but he was simply too scared to go on anything else. He about had a heart attack watching everyone else ride.
Chilling on a bench at the train depot.
And Caroline. Being adorable, as always.
It's sometimes depressing to do "family excursions" now - since three of the gaggle have real, monotonous lives that involve working. But. We make up for it. Like watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier or laughing in the kitchen as one big happy fam - even if we're doing absolutely nothing. :)


  1. I agree with your last statement totally! We just got back, a week or so ago, from a family vacation, and two of my sibs weren't with us. Ah, growing up. :)

  2. Looks like you all had a good time! Nobody got sick? I love amusement parks! The weather cooperated too! Sweet.

    I need to kidnap you and Christian for Six Flags sometime... ;)

  3. Bay Beach is wonderful! I'm glad you guys had a good time :)


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