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It's been quite a bit since I purposely sat down and fiddled with CSS / HTML. Since most of my "projects" are 100% trial + error, I'm always a little dubious when it comes to designing templates / graphics for others.
My style is weird sometimes.
Other times, CSS hates me.

Hannah - who's sorta relaunching her little blog into something more lifestyle professional blogger (exciting!) - had her head on her shoulders and knew exactly what she wanted. She managed beautifully with my procrastination + endless questions, and we were both simply thrilled (and relieved) when it all came together.

Because fonts are a hassle, and usually hideous or expensive, I tried my hand (literally!) at hand-lettering for the first time. Although the graphing / scanning / editing process was a bit tedious, I was ridiculously pleased with the results.

Go hop on over and check it out!


  1. aww! I wondered if you did that by hand! I LOVE how everything turned out! <3 you're amazing!!!

    <3 Hannah

  2. You did an amazing job on her blog design, Bethany! :) Kudos to you!

  3. You did a beautiful job, and the hand lettering is gorgeous!

  4. Yeah, you need to start a business. just sayin'.

  5. That's amazing!!! I really want to start making a brand for mine. What programs do you use now? I know you used to use gimp. But I would love it if you would do a tutorial on this! a always you are amazing!!

    1. @ Blythe - I use gimp for all the graphics / resizing. Photobucket is my image link source. If I'm downloading free fonts, I like to search on Dafont. There's a few commercial free graphics out there, and I usually use pinterest as my reference (I have a WEB DESIGN BOARD!!)

      I really hate using images, so I try to keep everything CSS codes as often as possible. One of my favorite resources for CSS symbols is Alan Wood's Unicode Resources. Other than google search (haha!), most of my CSS help / coding comes from W3Schools, which is super handy!


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