and then I found this really cute pattern. . .

I found a big blue tub in the bonus room. It said, "Bethany's Hope Chest."
That's funny - thought I - because I hardly recall ever putting anything in it. . .so. . .why is it there?
Probably a dead mouse or some archaic lego creation from the eighties.

Upon opening it, I found horrors of really ugly stuff I just stuffed in there at age twelve. Creepy knitted stuff that was just. . .ew. After cleaning through that, I basically had an empty box minus the granny-square-quilt I crocheted five years ago. (I don't don't even know what to do with that)

Well. I look pretty lazy with an empty hope chest. Ha. Not like I'm going to do anything about it.
Until I ran across the most adorable potholder tutorial ever and some extra batting we had in the scrap box.

My train of thought:
Mom has a billion potholders. But I really want to make one. WAIT! I can put it in my empty hope-chest and feel accomplished!! I could. . .yes, I definitely could do that. Hm. I have a free afternoon. . .so. . .let's sew some potholders!
(Ensue one hour of choosing a color scheme. . .)

Tiger, on the other hand, wasn't particularly excited about my spontaneous zeal for potholders. He moaned in annoyance when I blasted Grooveshark a little too loud. ^_^

I went for a homey / vintage / fun look. And halfway through the project I decided my colors were hideous, the ruffle was just atrocious, and my "creativity" had gone a little overboard.
Then, the sewing machine was a little monster - spitting out bobbin threads, catching on the fabric.
Yeah. Needless to say, he got a good lecture or two. Or five.
Or ten.
(Smacking a sewing machine usually pumps out the kinks. . .)

Ah. There it is in all it's glory...NOT. The tutorial was really easy to follow and I learned that I really love machine quilting. But I really hated that potholder. That bias tape was just the stupidest life choice I've ever made in my entire life. Oh, I regretted it. Vocally. And the sewing machine was so smug. . .just chewed away on the ends and made me stop every second to adjust the foot, only to find that it had also swallowed my straight pin!

Little side rant: I don't believe in hand-quilting. What a laugh. Have you seen me with a needle and thread? It's just a good way to get a sore wrist and sore eyes. I mean. Just looking at my hand-quilting makes me want to curl up and cry, it's so miserable.

I also discovered (or remembered, actually) a mountain of cotton yarn that was sitting in my CNA box with my scrubs. After puzzling about why-in-the-world-they-were-sitting-with-my-pink-scrubs, I pulled out the yarn, decided it was positively patriotic (what would I ever use this for?), and crocheted a lopsided washcloth. {PSST!! The real pattern is HERE}

I always tell myself it'll be square by some miraculous turn of events.
Ha. Yeah. It was majorly lopsided. I fixed it. Sorta.

I wasn't thrilled about the end result of my adventure in hope-chest-homemaking, so I just threw it in the box and slammed the lid shut.
It smells funny, too. The box, I mean. Apparently, I threw a rose in there at some point? It's like four years old!
Really. I question my sanity sometimes.

Chances are, after a year or two, I'll stumble across my "hope-box" and probably toss everything out again. But in the meantime, I think I learned my lesson to think twice before pining away after potholders. ^_^


  1. What?! But that is literally the most adorable potholder I've ever seen!!

  2. Can you make me a potholder?


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