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I don't get along with myself. Especially after sitting in bed for two days wishing head transplants actually existed. In all fairness, at least I'm grateful that heating pads and blankets exist. Oh. And sewing needles. Between headaches, I managed to sew the huge hole that was torn during one of my restless napping endeavors. Talk about trauma! It's like the blanket ate me alive in my sleep. CREEEPY!

(I find that my sarcasm level spikes to unnatural heights when I'm sick. Just FYI.)

I feel like I should have gone insane by now - listening to my thoughts (and only my thoughts!) while  occasionally being interrupted by a sneeze akin to an atomic bomb.
In order to curb my emmenient demise to the local insane assylum, I have been strictly following my ever brilliant, infallible list of Essential Stuff Every Sicko Needs to Know.
  • Always have Kleenexes on hand. But, really. I'm always too late to grab one anyway. And since it's dark (see next bullet) I just end up losing my one precious tube of chapstick in the process. And knocking over the box completely once I finally locate it.
  • Keep a dark room. Light will hurt your already stuffed up head. Sides. Supposedly, it makes you fall asleep easier. Which is funny, because I'm pretty sure it's usually darkest at night - but I spent all night yelling at myself to go to sleep. (really, it's aggravating how my brain won't listen to me. So we both came to a stalemate, and I agreed to stay up and entertain my stubborn cerebrum with a boring book. Needless to say, in the morning, we both agreed that we were doomed.)
  • Doing your nails - to curb boredom - is sorta a good idea. Until you knock over the nail polish.
  • Nobody wants to hug a sick, sniveling, person. Therefore, pillows and blankets make a really pathetic - but manageable - supplement. If you don't rip them.
  • Water is good. Until you notice the water bottle you've been drinking from has mold on it. 0_0
  •  Baths and tea will make you feel happy. Almost too happy that you think, "I'm CURED!" Oh. The hilariousness of life. Sometimes, I really do laugh at life's disillusions.
  • The only cure is, in fact, people calling you on the phone and making you laugh and mommy coming by and patting your back telling you to skip school.
  • If all else fails, turn on a bunch of your favorite tunes and think happy thoughts (see playlist). At least crying is always easier when you have a sappy song to connect to. Or is it crying? You may find your already weepy-watery-eyes-dripping-from-whatever-contagious-disease-you-have and actual crying hard to distinguish.
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  1. I really like the song, "Everybody"!!! I've never heard it before.
    Brianna and I sang "The Call" for play auditions last year :)
    Sorry you're not feeling well :( Get better soon!!!! Hannah

    1. @ Hannah - Everybody is one of my sisters' favorite songs! We sing it all the time. . . ;D

  2. D'aww! Poor Befany!


    1. @ Bailey - the pathogens should be gone by the time you come back. But just as precautionary measures, I did wash the sheets today. And then I got sick all over again. So. I give up. Like I said, you may survive. Maybe not. But your bed is comfy. :D

  3. You poor thing.... =) Hope you get better soon Bethany! Those are such great songs you posted, I absalutley looooovvvvvveeeee them! =) Can't wait to see you on Nov. 6th! Hope you get better soon! =)
    ~Love, Marie~

  4. I love this song


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