DEAR RETRO | Photoshoot!

Let me introduce you to my sister Sarah. I think she's reached at least over a million comments on how sweet and shy she is - but don't let her fool you. 
She's a dork.
A real honest-to-goodness-make-you-spit-out-your-hot-chocolate-through-your-nose dork.
She's loud, too.
And when we both get together - we're usually howling like hyenas from laughter.

She may or may not be the sister that will hide in my covers and scare me at midnight.
She might be the sister who serves as my cheeky chaperone when I go with the boy
She also could be the sister that sings Disney and manages my ipod playlists.
She may be slightly introverted with a healthy addiction to books.
She may be my Secondo for piano duets (we play a horrific Hello, Dolly - just so you know)

But at any rate, with a little bit of coaxing and a whole lot of boredom, she dug out an old 1940s costume (Kilroy was Here!) and I grabbed the camera and we both headed off for step back in the century. Coke bottles included.

She's always grinning. I think she has a compulsive grinning disorder. ;)
Her nickname was "Doughnut" when she was little. She's still a cutie. ;)
I told her to fix her hair. And. . .I'm not sure what she's trying to achieve here. ;)
Aw! She found her Prince Charming. Too bad she detests Coca Cola.
For the record, the bottle looks pretty cool.
Oh. And yeah. An old cigar box. But it did say 'vintage'. . .
"I can read!" Actually, I don't remember what she thought was so funny. . .
She got tired of carrying the book. Needless to say, the branch didn't want to carry it either - so I took charge and nearly lost it in the field.
(p.s. the best part was when the "log" she was sitting on snapped. Her face was priceless)
Over exposed photo. :( Boohoo!
Uh, don't even ask. you don't want to know. ;) I think she just got grass in her eye?
I love this picture. And I don't really even know why.
And remember Hannah? I thought I'd just throw these in for fun. Here's a glimpse of what our "photoshoots" really look like. =)
A rather blatant photo-bomb.
Yep. We all survived in one piece. I think we lost a few ligaments to frostbite and the high heels got a good painting of mud (let's hope it was mud!) Other than that, I think we might have too much time on our hands . . .


  1. Really cute photos! I love it when you sisters have such fun together. Sarah looks like she's waiting on a train to nowhere to pick her up. My favorite of Sarah is the one in which she's holding the flowers. So pretty! Are those my pearls?

  2. So cute Bethany, Hannah and Sarah! I LOVE the one where she is standing in a field with the trees to her...right? (My left if I look at the pic) And the house in the distance! =) So pretty!

  3. I LOVE that dress!! Great job with the hair and.... Coca Cola!! Don't worry, Sarah, I don't necessarily like it either :) Awesome pictures, Bethany =) Hannah Piotraschke

  4. Cute pictures!

    Sarah! She looks so grown up and gorgeous! :) Looks like you had lotsa fun!

  5. Daaaaaw....Cute pics, Bethany!


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