You are adopted by God. (Ephesians 1:5)
Thoughts scribbled over coffee while "journaling". . .

Hm. No pressure or shock (!), but as the daughter of God, not only do you have an inheritance but an everlasting legacy. Everything you do is now for the "praise and glory" of Your Father. Life isn't your own. God's children reflect His genes: holiness & love.

We obey. We fear. We respect. But nothing keeps us from running to God's throne - not as aliens - but as His own. As a Father, He will listen, care, grieve, and smile. When you turn away, He is faithful. He is delighted when we obey. He doesn't want empty sacrifice, but love from a true heart.

He has a place prepared for you at your real home. He forgives and holds no grudges. He understands our needs, our fears, our struggles, and our doubts. He listens. He meets you during the day. He walks beside you during the night. He gives and He takes away.

What father abandons his own? What father lets His children starve? What father won't listen to the silliest plea or the most ridiculous fear? What father won't teach His children in patience?

Satan's so good at lying. He's so good at ridiculing my identity with God through Christ.
But what if I stopped listening to the lies.
What if I took to heart the simple fact of scripture?

P.s. Currently. I'm thinking. I'd like y'all to jump over to Miss Maddi's blog and read what she wrote: "Hug the People You Love"


  1. This post was -such- a good reminder. We. Are. God's. Children. It's so easy to forget that, sometimes. It's so easy to fall into Satan's trap. Thank you for this post. Reminders like this are a good way to start the day! :)

  2. Beautifully written and so true. Thank you for the reminder. I actually just read a verse similar to that one. We live in a world where these things are so easy to forget.

  3. Satan is so good at lying... but what if I stopped listening to the lies? That- what you said- is basically the heart of everything. And it summarizes a lot of what I've been struggling with lately. Thanks for the reminder... Let us never forget who we are in Christ!


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