I don't know how I manage to always seem busy. But I usually almost always am. (seeming busy is not. . .necessarily busy, mind you...) I dislike naps because I feel guilty taking them. So, I took up a new hobby that allowed for comfy blankets and space-heaters: embroidery. Really fun. Except when the needles break. Sewing needles break people. Who knew, right?

 I. Love. My. Siblings. Life would be a bore without them. Of course, babysitting little bros still involves breaking up fist-fights on the living room floor. But we still get along. Kinda.

This week was against my cooking skills. I managed to scald a pot of white-sauce promptly before it overflowed all over the stove (I still need to clean that. . .) I also babysat overnight for a family. And yes, the fire alarms went off during breakfast.
I'm really that talented.
(One of the boys remarked: "wow, I don't understand how your toast got burned. It was on a low setting!!!" The obvious reason is because I was making toast. . .)


  1. love this!!! embroidery is SO much fun! {not to mention relaxing!} haha... totally sounds like stuff I would do. But don't worry, you'll get better at not doing it so much! hopefully. I still set off the fire alarms... and burn stuff. like pizza crust which I've only made a hundred other times in the last year. yeah. I had a very hungry husband.

  2. Ha, ha! Yes, I too have let white sauce boil over (I think my kind sister cleaned it up, however). Your embroidery is so cute! Looks like you're pretty good at it. :) And your siblings are cute too.

  3. I lOVE to embroidery! But.... I have yet to break a needle :)
    If I burn anything, it's almost always a pancake. Once in a while I'll remember it's actually on the stove =) But I WILL forget about my breakfast if I'm trying to accomplish a different task while the food is still not ready... then suddenly, it will be VERY ready...
    So yeah... I have to make sure that all I'm doing, is "making the pancake". Hannah Piotraschke

  4. You never fail to make me laugh. and your sibs are pretty cute.

  5. Yumm! What dish is that? looks good!


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