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AWESOME: Remember when soccer moms were all the hip? Well, introducing: soccer sisters! You simply know you're a soccer sister if:  {1} you drive the family van; {2} have mountains of lawn chairs + blankets in the back; {3} and drive little sisters to the gas station for potty breaks.

AWKWARD: being a soccer sister with your sister and freezing. Or getting eaten alive with mosquitoes. Or taking selfies with a really hyperly-sweet friend and pretending to be Jedi masters. (Thanks Trisha!)

AWESOME: conquering mundane life and breaking the monotony by making CD album covers with my sister. Someday, we'll just be absolutely famous, won't we? ;) But I think we broke our diaphragms from laughing too hard at our "photo-shoot". (don't. even. ask)

AWKWARD: well. It wasn't awkward, but let's just say, I lost all confidence in jumping this "electrician-in-training's" car after he was sparked the jumper cables together. Supposedly on purpose? (Sarah: "How on earth did you start the van?!? Weren't you afraid it would explode? I wouldn't have started it." {Sarah refused to sit in the van as I started it})

AWESOME: Giving my twin a hug and wishing him luck on taking the ASVAB test. Mom and I retreated into the kitchen with gloomy declarations about how everyone is growing up.

AWESOME:Getting the Marine to agree to let me borrow his truck. Except, it didn't happen. But he agreed! Wow. milestone there!

AWKWARD: picking out piano songs for Sunday. . . and then re-picking songs for Sunday. The art of picking out songs for Sunday as the church pianist is a delicate procedure. I had "Constantly Abiding" constantly abiding in my head all day!

AWESOME:Making music videos with Sarah. In the cold. And watching everyone laugh at our antics. I'm telling you! Boredom makes you do strange things.

Speaking of boredom, I lacked motivation to sit down and practice my growing pile of piano songs. I decided to give a slick 1-minute infallible guide to piano accompanying during my tedious metronoming of the left-hand & attempts at hymn arranging. *coughs* If you're hideously bored, you can take two minutes to watch a hideously boring vlog about hideously practiced piano. ;)


  1. Go Soccer Sisters! Thank you for giving me a day off every now and then.

  2. You are so cool playing the piano. I really admire this skill. It's pretty! NICE.

  3. You claim that you sound hideous in that video, but your amazing talent shines through anyway. :P

  4. Beautiful Piano Playing, Bethany!!!!
    Hannah P

  5. Well said. She is WAY too modest.

  6. I love seeing you at soccer your so fun, amazing, talented and ok there's so many I can't even type them all hope to see you at auditions Thursday love ya


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