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Caroline. Laughing. About eating ice cream at "Clover's". =) That was a fun day of parking the van in two-parking spaces and freezing outside during soccer.
A group of Disney characters at WRHS-PA auditions (minus the adorable baby.) L to R: Princess Anna, Mulan, Jasmine, and another Princess Anna / Elsa (?) 
(Christian and I auditioned together with our rendition of "Anything You Can Do". He must've impressed the directors with his Frank Butler impersonation, getting the part of the phony-king-of-England, Prince John)
I babysat the kiddos three days while my parents were visiting my ever theatrical sister. Caroline and I had sleepovers, book marathons, and enjoyed doing hair before church. (I'm still half asleep / sick in the picture. . .) I also spent the weekend cleaning, practicing piano till my hands fell off, and filling out job applications. Again.
Caroline. . .posing with the A & W bear. She just needs to stop. being. totally. adorable.


  1. =) We saw your van in Culvers after soccer!!!
    Caroline IS extremely adorable!!! :)
    I'm SOOOO excited for the play this year! I think the directors did a great job picking everyone out for their parts :) It should be fun!! Hannah P

    1. @ Hannah - Yes! I went through the cast-list and was like, "wow, everyone's parts fit so perfectly!" I'm super-duper-on-my-toes-excited!

      Haha, I suppose it's hard for us to "hide" the big red van whenever we go places. Everyone sees right away were we drove to. ;)

    2. Totally understood ;)
      Hannah P

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog randomly, and I love it! You write so well, and you have such a sweet personality. And we have a lot in common, actually! I'm also a Christian homeschooler who loves to sing, dance, act, play the piano, and sew. Anyway, keep up the good work! -Maddy


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