the gal with the strings | photoshoot

In our family, the gals play the piano & sing, and the dudes play the violin or nothing at all. Our picture-perfect-cookie-cutter stereotype was shattered once Hannah picked up the violin and Joshua plunked the ivories.

I always jealous of violinists, because they have the luxury of a portable instrument. And there's something about violinists that makes a whimsical and perfect photoshoot. (I can't lug around a piano. sadly.)

Because we were bored, and it was a beautiful indian summer day (a.k.a. cold enough so only your fingers freeze,) Hannah and I scooted off to the field for some portraits. 

Hannah. . .I'm not sure those are binoculars. :/
I'm not sure what's going on here. Maybe an innocent sneak peek to another photoshoot? ;)


  1. Hannah is so beautiful! And the pictures are lovely :)

  2. Haha :) Love the last photo!

  3. When Hannah is a famous concert violinist, I hope she will remember us "little people", right? And are we going to see any more photos of the "photo bomber" (aka Sarah) in the last photo?


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