things I want to remember / simplicity

DRIVING with Daddy to evening service with coffee-to-go. The radio mumbles the deep-throated radio talk host, and I drink in all the yummy fall sunset that peeks through the red leaves on the trees. (and then I scream as dad almost hits a squirrel)

SLEEPING with five layers of blankets. Waking up is seriously the worst part of the day. Unless mom cheerily comes in with a space heater throws the blinds open.

TALKING with my bro on the couch about everything and nothing all at the same time. We sorta "monitor" our family. . .if you know what I mean. ;)

BAKING something warm. And apple-ey.

LISTENING to Caroline read sentences or Daniel slowly count up to twenty by twos.

SINGING Broadway with my sisters. Or the theme of High Noon. (song stuck in my head? To Kiss in the Sunlight from The King and I. Literally the most obnoxious song to ever get stuck in your head since the history of mankind. However, it's almost worth singing just to hear the groans from everyone else sitting in the room.  . . ^_^ )


  1. Bethany, I am so, so thankful you blog. I miss so much by being away at college...and I only have one summer left with you beautiful, beautiful people. I don't want to leave, don't want to grow up, don't want to not experience this everyday life with the everyday people I love ohsomuch. You have no idea how much your posts and your photos cheer me up (and make me miss every single one of you so badly). You write these down to remember...I read them to learn who my family is becoming and to recall how wonderful you guys are.


    1. @ Bailey - I just cried. ;( ;( ;( COME BACK HOME!!!! AND WE ONLY HAVE YOU one more summer? nooooo!!!

    2. Crawl into Mom's suitcase this weekend!!! I NEED YOU.

  2. :) Autumn is the best. . .

  3. ohh stop making me feel all bittersweet. (you and bailey, I mean. just stop.) and you're right, it's getting too cold in the mornings.


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