My sister is turning thirteen, and my mom went ballistic with creative birthday celebration ideas. 
My mom was all excited when she introduced the idea of a Frozen birthday party. (Because you're never too old to screech, "LET IT GO!!!" at the top of your lungs, right?)

She bought some cheap silver notecards and white paint-pens, handed them to me, and gave me the official task of writing out invitations.
(I like hand-lettering. Just sometimes I wonder why people leave such things in my hands.)

This was my "inspiration" for the invites (I had siblings asking, "who's Kim & Jeff?". I told them Sarah is marrying a Jeff and she changed her name to Kim.) I grabbed Sarah and asked her what she wanted the invites to say.
It was like talking to a brick wall.
She agreed with my lame idea to cheesily print, "do you wanna build a snowman?" on the front.
note of annoyance: paint pens & hand-lettering was harder than I thought.
It didn't turn out too bad. I guess.

Five hours later, I had most of them all finished up. The envelopes were the most fun. Especially since I reverted back to my trusty fine-tip-black-pen.

Note of explanation: I have a really bad tendency to throw myself full-force into a project until it's completely finished. Needless to say, I'm never smiling because I'm concentrating, but I promise, it's actually really enjoyable despite my scowl! (See above photo that my smiling twin brother took when he stole my ipod. He crowed over my expression.)


  1. They are awesome!!!! And yes, I agree... paint pens sometimes make for interesting results... lol. been there.

  2. Bethany! You've got a new home business idea! People will *pay* you for beautifully hand-lettering their dozens of invitations and correspondence cards, won't they? And did I really go "ballistic"?

  3. Ah, you talented talented chica! You are one of the many things that has inspired me to get back into the blogging world. I have just relaunched. Check out my little corner? :) http://h-anecdotes.blogspot.com/

  4. Umm these are gorgeous. Stop saying you're bad at things that are actually very lovely. (not sure why I'm talking like that now, but seriously, you've got skill.)

  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Bethany, I want you to write my next birthday invitations :) Those are SO neat. Hannah P

  6. Your invitations are so gorgeous!!!!

  7. Beautiful hand work I would love you to do something like that for me if I ever have a good birthday ive never had a big party where invitations were needed


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