i've got all my sisters with me!

The best part about Thanksgiving wasn't the food, the quality time baking apple pies, the boring parade, or the lack of schoolwork. . .it was simply the fact that we were all there.
Shocking, really. I forgot how our entire family barely crams into our dining room table.

 Bailey. I hate - I repeat - hate being the oldest girl at home. I finally got my big sis back and we stayed up until the wee morning hours laughing, crying, and counseling all in the same breath. Then she left me. again.

 But I still have some adorable sisters left. This is the snowman crew chilling after "Abby the Snowman" was finished. The other sister was doing something. . .Hannah - how did you elude all the pictures? Something must be done.

Caroline did an array of "big girl" jobs this month. Not only did she attempt to fold an entire load of towels on her own, she also held a baby for the first time and baked a pumpkin pie in her spare time. She's just genius like that.

Other reasons why this week was awesome:
  • I started working. And I love it
  • I had three people show up at the candy shop just to visit. Annnd...one of them was a dashing young man who sampled all the fudge we had on display. I dragged him home and fed him grilled cheese.
  • Piled in the van and drove to a sledding hill while it was snowing cats and dogs
  • Watching "The 25 Best Wedding Fails" with my sisters. We died of laughter.
  • My family had an epic holiday movie night spree of "Skylark" and "Home Alone". I also watched "I Am Legend" with my bro and my boy. . . but the dog dies. It was not a good movie. On the plus side, my sister brought him a "mustache" teacup. Really random and kinda disturbing.
  • I taught children's church with my brother. He's so good with kids - he did a puppet show with the extra time we had left. (p.s. Concerning Frazzled Parents: I'm sorry about the finger-puppet-snakes we dispersed after learning about the bronze serpent. It had the best of intentions. If anyone died of snakebites after the service. . .)


  1. Your week sounds amazing!! It is so cool that you started work this week... Awesome!! :) Caroline is starting to be a big girl too. =D

  2. May I ask what your new job is? And this list is wonderful :)

    1. Sure! I work at a little-teensy-tiny candy shop downtown. ;) Super fun. Part of the job description is sampling fudge. ^_^

    2. Is that Old Glory Candy, Bethany?? I've heard of it, seen it, haven't gone into it yet.

    3. Oh, fun!!!!!!!!! I've always thought it'd like to work at a candy shop or a coffee shop :)
      Hannah Piotraschke

  3. Oh, when your family is around, it's a good thing. Working at a candy shop sounds delicious, too, send me some fudge when you can.

  4. Oh!
    *Smacks head
    Congratulations on landing such a "SWEET" job!! It's so exciting, isn't it?

  5. Ummm...does Aidan know about this grilled cheese fella?

    Great job on the pie, Caroline! It looks yummier than the last one *I* made! =)

    And who's the cute baby that Caroline is holding?

    1. @ Mrs. G - Oh. I forgot to tell Aidan about that young man. ^_^ And the baby is our pastor's son. . .Hannah and I stayed overnight at their house babysitting the other kiddos, so they "paid" us by dropping by and letting us hold baby Tim!

  6. Aaaannnnd...now I have "We are family..." stuck in my head. =P


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