LET IT GO | Sarah's 13th Frozen Party

Once upon a time, Princess Sarah (I find it perfectly hilarious how "Sarah" means princess. . .) turned thirteen. My mother outdid herself with letters celebrating Sarah's entry into "teenagehood" complete with a ring and topping it off with a special party.
Frozen. Naturally. Not just because every single girl sings Let it Go subconsciously, but also because party themes are rather limited in November.

It's amazing what paper & Dollar Tree can do when it comes to decorations. . .

I was really proud of the table. Really. Really. Really. Proud of that table. And please note the streamers. Quite a feat for my 5'3" self. *hee, hee*

Hannah and I got caught up in our "services" as the maids/servants/waitresses and dressed up. We also blasted "Fixer Upper" in the kitchen (which is one of my favorite songs now!) Mom outdid herself with a menu of: homemade macaroni, fresh rolls, apples/grapes, and punch. (don't ask how, but I manged to spill that punch on the hem of my dress. yes. pure talent.)

Sarah, mom and I threw together last minute party favors. Needless to say, we all wanted to go to the party after we put them together. Aren't they adorable?

Told ya. Darling. We even found some Frozen themed lipsmackers!

Sarah incorporated Operation Christmas Child in her party in leiu of presents, and all the guests helped pack seven boxes. It was quite fun - minus our delimma with over-stuffed boxes. Nothing 1,000,000 rubber bands couldn't fix!

All packed up!
The girls enjoyed a lavish dinner (served by yours truly and Hannah) and Sarah nearly burned herself with the "surprise" trick candle we stuck in her ice cream. There was a grand showing of Frozen in our living-room-turned-tulle-palace-with-chrismas-lights. The boys were chained in the dungeons upstairs while the ladies visited and giggled the rest of the evening.
All in all - I think she entered thirteen quite elegantly, don't you?
I'm trying not to bawl. Next year will be a grand sixteenth birthday. . .and by that time I'll be an emotional wreck.
SISTERS?! Wherefore art thou? WHY DOST THOU GROW UP?


  1. Happ birthday, Sarah!! :) it looks like the party was fantastic! And I love the table-absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow!!!! thirteen years... happy birthday, Sarah :) Looks like an amazing time of FUN! I'm in love with your table, Bethany ;) Hannah Piotraschke

  3. I love the decorations, and the idea of having guests help put together shoeboxes instead of bringing presents.

  4. Aidan, didn't you read that all boys were chained in the dungeon upstairs?

  5. I know. I was only joking. I much enjoy visiting the Bergmann home, although it would be a little strange if I spent time with that many strange girls!

  6. I loved it!! It was awesome with the decorations too!! Bethany, you were a GREAT servant/waitress.. whatever you want to call it. :D
    ~Josephine Schmitt

  7. This was a amazing party! The decor was awesome, there was a fun movie, and you and Hannah were excellent maids/servants/waitresses. :)
    ~Josephine Schmitt

  8. looks like fun! and you all did good on the decorations. (and good job on spilling punch on yourself, too.)


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