So. There's this new "life-style" blogger trend of informing eager readers of "what's in my bag."
I look at the five pricey tubes of bright lip gloss, the Fuji-Film camera, the uncrushed package of gum, the tissues in a cute container. . . and I'm thinking: 
Girl. Are you human?

Let's jump back to reality, folks! I'm talking about the normal-human-woman who has to dump her purse upside-down just to find her wallet. My realistic rendition of "what's in my bag" takes the statement a little more interrogatively: What in the world is hiding in that teensy purse of mine?


{1} Pens. I discovered over ten in my purse. The truth is: whenever I need one, it isn't there. And whenever I need to find chap-stick pronto, what do I find? EVERY SINGLE PEN THAT EVER EXISTED IN MY PURSE.

{2} Random items of miscellanea that I'm too lazy to put up. In this case, the timer from "Scribblish" which goes off every time I put on my purse.

{3} Trash. The loose papers + wrappers in my purse can date back to prehistoric ages.

{4} Hacky Sack & randomness. I don't play it. It's just there taking up space along with a bracelet and a necklace that is entangled (forever!) with a random bobby pin.

{5} Gloves. Both pairs have holes in the fingers. One is purposely fingerless, while the other "fingerless" gloves are really from the dog (?) who chewed off the tips seven years ago.

{6} Bobby pins. I try to have an abundance of bobby pins because I'm always in need of them (but only on the days I forget to bring a handful with me. That's just how life goes. . .) 

{7}  Glasses. I leave them in my purse because I'll lose them in the house. But they still get lost anyway...in my purse. True story.

{8}  My wallet. Isn't it cute? Ironically, I don't keep money in there except for loose change. And my loose change doesn't stay in there either, because it dumps out on the bottom of my purse and makes a jingly noise.

{9} Chap stick. I have two tubes. One I don't use because it's tinted (not helpful if you don't have a mirror!!) and the other one I never use because it's always missing. in. my. purse. Not handy when I'm driving and digging for my ever elusive chap stick!


  1. Come on. Your purse is SO much more cute than mine. It's literally full of trash, loose change, PopTart crumbs, and feminine products right now. Literally nothing that I would post on the world wide web. ;)

    Oh, wait. I just did.....

  2. Bethany, you forgot about the GRAPES!

    1. @ Aidan - OH YEAH! How could I forget. ;) Okay, in all honesty, usually I'm not so noodle-headed as to forget to take out a bag of grapes I stuffed in my purse during soccer practice. Except that one time. Ew.

  3. I LOVE your wallet, Bethany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pens... yup, understood completely :) "I KNOW I put a pen (or two, or three) in here..."

  4. For some reason I find posts like this very interesting. No clue why. And I have the same Burt's Bee's chapstick. Or at least, I have it somewhere . . .

  5. That is one of the cutest wallets I have ever seen! And your realistic 'What's in my Purse' is such a relief! Some of the posts/YouTube videos I've seen consist of ridiculously expensive, never-ending products. Good to see I'm not alone! ;)

  6. I totally agree I go to find a chapstick and I get a pen like that's going to happen using a pen for chapt lips


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