so this is life

Sometimes I live a week feeling like I accomplished nothing. This week is one of those weeks of nothing-happened-but-I-sure-drank-a-lot-of-coffee weeks!
Rewinding a bit this week. . .I realized that something did happen.
It's called life. Just blah, normal, quirky, monotonous life.

{1} My senior year has accumulated to six more weeks. Yes. Six more weeks!! In-between my piano afternoons (piano accompanying violinists two afternoons, analyzing Debussy, annnnd church pianist stuff...eeep!) I threw myself headlong into school and knocked off five weeks of history and economics.
That's a once in a life-time-endeavor.
I'm never doing that again.
(and I smugly remind myself that. . .I'll never have to do that again! *sheepish grin*)

{2} snow. snow. snow. 
'nough said.

{3} Outbreaks of cabin fever have begun. It's dark super early. I'm really awake at nights (a.k.a. nice way of saying crazy hyper) and I may or may not have:
  • Taken selfies with my sisters (translation: let's see how steady Bethany can hold an ipod with one hand!)
  • Learned to waltz with the boy. Sorta.
  • Read the second book after Maze Runner. And to my dismay, I'm really interested to read the third one. . .I hate reading book series. They never end!
  • Picked up my brother from swimming with my hair soaking wet and pulled in a bun (that's like a major unwritten social no-no for me.)
  • Worked as a piano accompanist with the ever professional attire of three layers of clothing, a huge sweatshirt, neon pink fuzzy socks, and moccasins. (I have also run into harmonic yodelers and the alcohol's anonymous group at so-said job. weird)
{4} Oh. yeah. jobs?  I have a job interview Monday. Hoo-roar!

{5} Play practice has officially, officially begun. I'm officially, officially, officially very rusty on singing / acting / and sitting still. (news flash: I'm a fidgeter. and whenever I hear music I can't stop....moving to the beat...or "playing along" with my hands)

{6} Grand pianos are really grand. Especially in empty auditoriums and with bare feet. (in my defense, it's hard to pedal with boots!) And. er. I wasn't technically supposed to play that piano. but I did get special permission. which made me feel cool. and guilty. at the same time.

And that's life.
Okay. I'm eating supper now.
(hence this eloquent ending. I'm hungry. and I don't know how to properly close such a random blog post.)


  1. Eeeep! Where are you getting a job interview?!

  2. Life is kinda blah sometimes and I can't figure out why I'm so busy, but then i guess there is stuff I'm doing. who knows. yay to almost being done with high school!!

  3. If you ever have too-wet-bun-hair again, just give us a call. We're there picking up Jeffrey pretty much every night.


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