Awkward + Awesome / Since my life is currently boring

My mom informed me that she reads my blog every morning.
But there's never anything to read.
Don't get me wrong, I would love to sit down and write a grammarly-awesome-philosophical-blog-post. But frankly, between life and life and life, it just takes too long.

So. If you want something to laugh at OR you really do enjoy reading the latest drama in Bethany B's life:
  • Awesome: Watching "Say Yes to the Dress" until 2 AM in the morning. ("Can I ask you the question!?!?! Are you saying yes to the dress??")
  • Awkward: Trying to lock a candy shop door in the dark like a bajillion times.
  • Awesome: Eating french toast for lunch.
  • Awkward: Walking around Wal Mart holding a blanket to your chest and trying to find an open check-out-counter. 
  • Sad: talking to Caroline when she lost her voice. She was informing me about how grape medicine tastes better than bubble gum.
  • Awkward: Candy Shop Customer: "Do you have oysters?"
  • Unpleasant: Falling asleep during The Two Towers and waking up right as someone screams.
  • Awesome: When your twin brother asks you to help pick out a gift box for his girlfriend. =)
  • Awkward: wrapping a present with REAL pine needles and they all fall off Christmas day. You're welcome, Hannah.


  1. I really do enjoy reading the latest drama in your life! You are a very interesting person. :)

    And oysters definitely aren't candy! What a strange request!

  2. Oysters?!

    I, for one, am always disappointed when a Bethany B post doesn't pop into my newsfeed. Especially when I'm at school.

    Oh, so it was "The Two Towers" that y'all were watching at 2 AM last night/morning? I think I went downstairs for a new Kleenex box right at the same time that scream occurred. Also, I'm pretty sure falling asleep during a LOTR movie is one of the worst sleeping experiences ever. No idea why. It just is.

  3. Say Yes to the Dress for the win. I don't know why I keep watching it because they're all the same, but I just can't help myself.

  4. hey, your blog is cool. no wonder your mom wants to read it every morning.

  5. Okay, I know it's already been said, but...




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