holly & ivy / it's a wrap!

Sometimes, Wisconsin irritates me.
Like - the one day I'm finally free to do happy Christmasy errands, it snowstorms. It's also the day I'm driving the fifteen-passenger van (the one that I slid into the ditch two weeks ago.)
My little sister almost gets run over by some fanatical driver in the snowy Wal Mart parking lot.

After my super-successful-secret shopping ventures, I was determined to set aside the afternoon for a glorious gift wrapping bonanza.
(You know, wrapped with love, a whole lotta Scotch tape and all of that.)
Pinterest had promising-faultess-DIY ideas, that I suspected they were way to pretty to be easy.
 I was right.

It was still fun.


  1. Christmas time is the best time of year! We've definitely been feeling the holiday spirit at our house! "The girls" wrapped our gifts (a tradition) and made + decorated *millions* of cookies on Tuesday. :)

    You're wrapped gifts look super cute! Where did you get the chalkboard gift tags?

    1. The chalkboard gift tags were a gift from my Mom a few years back. She found them on Etsy. I've actually never really used them before, until now. ;)

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhh love the new design!


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