Short & Sweet / Candy Shop

I bugged and bugged my sister's boyfriend to please send the picture he took of Miss Lindsey and myself during phase 1 of last-second-Christmas-shopping-frenzy.
People. Eat. A lot. Of. Fudge.

It's not to much of a problem since I get to cut fudge and talk about engagement rings & bridesmaid's dresses with my ribbon-tying-teacher-bride-to-be.

It's fun.

P.s. Yes. I get to eat the candy that falls on the floor. Which makes this job really worthwhile (plus the cute kids that go ballistic when you offer them a free fudge sample! Oh. And the biker-gang-dude that gave me at $1 tip. It made my day.)


  1. Oh!! That sounds like a LOT of fun to work there!! That is kinda weird.... Eating candy that drops on the floor!! ;)
    ~Josephine Schmitt

  2. Sounds like fun!! I should come and visit, sometime!! :)

    1. You should. ;) I'll give you free fudge samples!

  3. You're welcome for taking this blurry photo. ;) Y'all are totes adorbs! Can you hire me to watch you guys and point customers to the rock candy?!

  4. As much as I would like working at a candy store, it probably wouldn't be good for me. haha and it does sound like fun. Tips are the best, aren't they?


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