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Confession: bright colors scare me.
Okay, anything bold or off-the-cuff ordinary is just hard for me.

I'm all pastels & subtle (can you tell?)
So, when Miss Hannah enlisted my services for a girls magazine she runs - I really had to turn off the pastels.
Hannah made everything a breeze by giving me a picture of exactly what she wanted. Of course, my HTML/CSS is trial & error (a.k.a. I really have no idea what I'm doing) so I worked around the kinks I couldn't figure out.

This project was a lesson in working outside my comfort zone. I just could not get over the purple or the picture background - but after some fond hours of setting margins (*faints on the spot from nightmares*) I'm rather attached to their uniqueness. 


  1. Whoa!!! I can't believe that!! I love bright colors. I can totally tell that you are all pastels. :P I think pastels are too.... Not colorful. ;) I still like pastel though.

  2. It's lovely - you did an amazing job.
    And yeah, working with colors you're not comfortable with... not easy at first, but you get used to it. Well, sometimes...
    Seriously, it's beautiful. It catches the eye very well.


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