awkward + awesome

Right. An awkward + awesome collage just for you.

Customer: "I have a complaint."
Me: oh dear. . . .I mean, "yes?"
Customer: "I ordered fudge turtles and this one has wax paper on the bottom."
Me: takes the package. "Okay. Well, we normally put our turtles on wax paper so it doesn't stick to the packaging."
Customer: "But this was the only one with wax paper. It doesn't come off."
Me: looks at the unopened package. "Well, it should. . .here. . ." grabs a different turtle and demonstrates how to take off wax paper. A lost art apparently.
Customer: "Well, it was the only one with wax paper. I mean, what are we supposed to do. . .eat it?"
Me: "Okaaaaaaaay. . .how about I'll just get you a different one without wax paper?"
Ceremoniously grabs a new turtle and takes off the wax paper and hands it to the customer.

Awesome: screaming when people get engaged. I do scream. Especially when people get engaged.

Awkward: Dreaming about getting my wisdom teeth removed in a bird sanctuary.

Awesome/maybe a little too daring: When my piano teacher suggests Allegro Barbaro for piano auditions. Which reminds me that I have a song to learn and memorize.
Bartok: Allegro Barbaro (~Nodame Piano Nina Lutz Ongakusai Anime Ver.) by Bela Bartok on Grooveshark

Downright odd: waking up in the middle of the night wondering who's screaming.
It's the cat.

Awkward: going to the bank and asking for a spread sheet for a savings account. Except, my explanation was more like, "Oh, and um. . .do you have one of those saving account record things. . .I mean. . .what am I trying to say?"


  1. :) I love your posts!
    Just wondering... who is your piano teacher?
    Hannah Piotraschke

    1. Hey Hannah - My teacher is Kathryn Isbill, who commutes to Shawano twice a week. She's amazing at what she does. . .minus the fact that it's a little more expensive. Since I'm not going to college for music, I decided to stick with her and learn what I can. She's a stickler on piano technique (which is what I lack!) and is really good at pushing me out of my comfort zone. =) Like making me sing diminished intervals at the top of my lungs.

    2. Wow! Sounds awesome :) I absolutely LOVE playing piano, and you have been a great encouragement to me. I enjoy hearing you; you can play SO beautifully!
      Hannah P

  2. hahaha, I did the same thing when I had to go into the bank.
    Wow, my best wishes on learning that song-sounds complicated!


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