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 Sewing without a pattern is something I avoid and strongly discourage (unless you're a right-brained wonder.) But costume season for Robin Hood knocked on my doorstep and I was patternless. I have another rule in sewing and that is: never buy $16 patterns that you're going to use once.
Someone lent me this amazing renaissance sleeve patterns, but the bodice was a plunging immodest disaster. eep.
After perusing pinterest and prepping myself for the daunting task of drafting a corset pattern -

wait. that's right. corsets.
Let's talk corsets.

I've never worn one. I've never made one. I don't know where in the world you can buy the boning to line it.

I was trying to make a bodice similiar to a corset - but not actually a corset (because corsets + singing just sounds nauseating) - so I decided to draft a bodice in my drafted pattern of a corset. Make sense? Right. Not at all. I felt like jumping off a cliff.

Since I know next door to nothing about drafting patterns (much less a corset-thingy!!) I scavenged the internet for helpful tips. What do you know? I found THIS SITE which shows you how to draft it based on your measurements. Cool beans.

I grabbed an old bodice pattern from a 1700s costume laying around and drafted shoulders/sleeve holes to my already drafted corset pattern. I was skeptical, but after trying it on I felt so much better - THIS WAS GOING TO WORK! (I don't even know how that happened!)

I've heard that zip ties and rope makes excellent boning for corsets. Masking tape worked just fine to give it extra strength. I don't know how to line a corset, but whatever I did...it worked. (Bailey's boyfriend was fascinated by my tedious all-afternoon-ordeal of corset making. He sat next to me and asked a bajillion questions.)

I think frugality and costume sewing isn't impossible. I'm using old canvas curtains / scrap fabric for the entire dress.
We'll see what happens. . .


  1. Wow! Thanks for the reams of reading material, which I probably will never use in a practical application.

    What an amazing site! There's at least a week's worth of reading there!

    I'm interested in how the costume turns out.

  2. Awesome!! Actually, know what.... I don't have a costume yet!!! (Crazy, right???) To me, the worst part of the musical is the costumes. (for my family) ;P

  3. So creative! Wish I was that keen on sewing.


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