Hello fifteen

You never get the past back. But you never get the future, either. You always have both just out of reach because you can only live one moment at a time.

In other words, multitasking is impossible.
This is the most devastating news ever, because I always thought it would be cool if I could multitask. I'm not exactly a pat-my-head-rub-my-stomach kind of person, if you follow me. . .

So, in this rush of a new year I'm trying to calm down and take my moments as they come.

Unfortunately, my to-do list from 2014 is in overtime. Majorly. Mostly because I forgot that it was ending so soon. You get the ugly picture:
  • Finish school
  • Practice piano insanely
  • Don't forget about children's church lessons!
  • Sew two play costumes
  • Work and try not to freeze to death (-2 degrees. Gotta love Wisconsin)
  • Finish graphic design projects (wedding invitations, business cards, and blog designs)
  • Clean up. . .everything
  • Memorize the play lines you never learned
  • And don't forget to sleep and eat food
This is just for the week.
Sheepish grin.
In short. I forgot to say hello to 2015.
Based on the first five days of January,
I think it's going to be really crazy, really weird, and really busy.
(I'm like graduating. what.)
Hello 2015. 


  1. Yeah... I forgot to say hi to 2015 too!!! ;)
    Oh, that's a relief!! I thought that schedule was for today!!! Pew!! :D

  2. Great post, and I really like the photo. I sort of forgot to greet 2015, too.

  3. Happy 2015 - I wonder what this year may hold...? Love, Kelly


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