My siblings make movies for school. My sister kills the cat. I eat blueberries that I'm probably not supposed to be stealing from the fridge. Joshua plunks, "Grandma's Ginger Cookies" on the piano. Mom flings the blinds open in the morning.

- I'm home.


  1. Love this! I love how you captured life's precious moments through pictures and words.
    Your sister (the one who's "killing" the cat) reminds me a lot of my little sisters. They love their cats a little too much you might say. ;)

  2. Can you get Sarah to send me the movie? ;)

  3. Love that pic of Caroline and the kitty ;) ... reminds me of the relationship I had with our cats. ((I'm sure they just LOVED to see me coming when I was little.))

  4. Haha!!! That is so goofy!!! But where is Sarah?!?! :P
    I make, or at least try to, make movies with my fuzzy camera. :D It is just a really fun experience. :)


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