This picture makes me smile. I stumbled upon this beautiful scene, unknowing that I was beginning an awful weekend full of emotional drama, but complete with a really sweet boy who held  me while I grumpily said nothing (minus grumpy things).

Jesus. There's a cheesy song on the radio about:
When you don't know what to say / Just say Jesus
While Jesus may mean nothing to some people, there is something about that name. (Pardon the reference to yet another song.)

This picture I snapped - the light streaming through the preschool windowpane-creations - just screamed Jesus into my foggy-groggy morning brain.
And I know Jesus. Even through all the doubt and craziness of life, even on really terrible weekends - Jesus just stops everything. I get to let the air out of my lungs and remember:

There's a really unexplainable powerful peace in the name of Jesus. My life now - it seems pretty important - but really, no. Whatever stressed me out this week isn't going to matter even a month from now.

And then Jesus. I remember who He is.
I calm down. Take a breath. Refocus.
It's all about Jesus.


  1. I love the photo! It's so gorgeous. :)
    This post is very beautifully written. Ah, Jesus. The most comforting, loving name I've ever heard. :)


  2. amen. It's so so crazy how I know that Jesus should be the center, but I still forget. like seriously, I've learned this lesson too many times. I had to learn it all over again after stressing out about life the past two or three months. anyway, He's really great and all I need.

  3. Oh yes!! Jesus is amazing!!!
    PS: Hey, what kind of camera do you have? It takes awesome photos. ;)


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