Lindsey & Jacob | Wedding Invites!

It's weird how people fall in love.
It's just like kaboom! And it happens.
My sisters and I ran around the house screaming when we heard that Lindsey was tying the knot to a waltz-loving young man who proposed on an innocent date in McDonalds.

Miss Lindsey and I talked about her wedding for (at least!) twenty-four hours during my candy-shop training. The last day, she informed me she was looking for someone to design her wedding invites last minute.
That's totally me!

Now, I'm just a fiddler around with graphic design - and I certainly don't have a portfolio stuffed full of wedding invitations (this is coming from me, who's only been to two weddings in my entire existence. and frankly, I don't remember them.)

Needless to say, I was a little daunted at the task of ceremony invitations, receptions, registries, reply cards and the like. Eep! What size? How to format it?

Lindsey and Jacob's theme was story + regency + elegant. Along with the colors blue and pink. It was a little tricky at first, but after a good three hours scouring the internet for inspiration, I felt a spark of confidence. I must say, for being stuck with my primitive resources of Microsoft Word + Gimp - I think they turned out pretty nicely!

I finally saw the professionally printed invites after Lindsey hand-delivered my invitation to the front door.
But personally, I think the best part was the other name on the envelope. Even if it was spelled wrong.*sheepish grin* (okay, okay..I'm cutting out the sappiness now)

I had so much fun designing the invitations! Now I'll just have to sit back tight and wait for the wedding.
(That's right folks, I barely escaped dress alterations for my sister's bridesmaid dress. That would've been a nightmare. We had a memorable scarred-for-life experience looking for corsets on the internet, though. Little tip: just don't even go there.)


  1. These turned out AMAZING. The little touches Lindsey added made them perfect! (Is this like for reals happening? Best friends getting marriaged? Little best sisters launching a wedding invitation portfolio? WHAT.)

  2. Wow, Bethany! You did an AMAZING job!!!! Can I hire you to make my wedding invitations :P
    Hannah P

    1. @ Hannah - You're getting married?!? Wait. Oh. Okay. =) *sheepish grin*

    2. Well..... eventually, I guess :)

  3. Congratulations to Lindsey - and awesome job on those invites, Bethany!

  4. Those invitations look like Anne of Green Gables with some Beatrix Potter thrown in. Gorgeous. And yeah, I have had several scarred-for-life-oh-please-do-not-misunderstand-this-history-wrongly-typed-web-address incidents. I am so glad it isn't only me.

  5. I didn't know you designed the invites... Good job!! :D
    They are just awesome together... It's not even funny!! ;P

  6. The invitations are stunning!!

  7. um you did an amazing job. and your names together are pretty cute.

  8. Those are so lovely! You are such a talented girl. :) And how wonderful that you can use your gifts to bless others.


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