quiet days

Eggs & sunshine are meant for each other. 
(not that I eat them sunny side up. I gag over runny eggs. But I digress.)

I love waking up to Caroline (night cap in tow!) taking five minutes to find the "off" switch on her alarm clock. She got her hand stuck in the bunk bed railing, once.We usually meet up in the bathroom. She combs her hair while I brush my teeth (she's usually jabbering about how it's so much easier to comb her dolls hair. . .)
Daniel greets me in the kitchen over a bowlful of soggy cheerios. I make eggs and empty dishes in the dishwasher.

Then there's school. There's piano. There's hand-sewing eighteen eyelets (five episodes of Say Yes to the Dress! later. . .I finished nine.) And then there's the chit-chatting with mom over homemade pizza.

I love days like these.


  1. I'm proud of this breakfast. :) You should eat it every day!

    1. You're proud of this breakfast only? Wait. . . apples don't count?

  2. Wow!! That sounds like a fun day, but maybe not when your busy all day doing something like work, play practice, etc.


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