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  • Sewing gauntlets at 11:30 with my kitty purring beside me.
  • Memorizing Invention No. 8 and Allegro Barbaro. Errr...kinda.
  • Jamming to "Lucky" by Jason Mraz on the guitar. Don't laugh at the songs I sing. ^_^
  • Watching Anastasia with my sisters - a movie that is not for little kids. Seriously, who would let their children watch this?
  • Singing "O, It Gets Sweeter" with my boy in order to teach him baritone. But instead of getting sweeter, I think the lyrics would be more appropriate as, "Oh, It gets Borrrrriiiiinnnnng....." But he learned baritone and I failed patience.
  • Dancing in a dining room with tall people smacking into chandeliers.  
I've been playing piano twice a row for church. . .offertories are always the hardest part because it's impossible to find something interesting to play (that's not too long or too short). This (see below!) is my favoritest so far. The quality is nasty and I recorded it right after I learned it, so it's a little choppy and messed up. . .but yeah. If you're bored, go ahead. I tend to save recordings for sentimental reasons. 


  1. I saw Anastasia the first time last year, and it scared me and I am 24. Of course I was thinking about the real story (since I learned some gruesome details in a college class) too, but still the movie is creepy enough, But that song and Dmitry. The piano playing is lovely . . . and it is always nice to hear a decent, in tune piano . . . ours is ancient and really twangy (?).

    1. @ Livia - RIGHT?I was creeped down to the bottom of my toes (I mean, ligaments falling off?! Okaaaay...)

  2. Why did you spell your name wrong? When did someone bonk into a light in a dining room?

    1. Because apparently Bethany Grace is already taken. ;) And that was Israel. We were learning that play dance. . .and it was hysterical every time he smacked into it.

  3. Uh...Both of my sentences had question marks on the end of them.

  4. Neat recording! Love the song!!! You are incredibly talented!

    (Check out my blog? :) http://imsarahgrace.blogspot.com)


  5. I think the song was good and now I'm gonna go stalk your music stuff. mwhaha.


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