Apartment Archers | Part 1

Welcome to the brand new series of Apartment Archers (like house-hunters, but not really.) Today, Aidan - along with his backup team of girl and chaperone - will look for the perfect apartment that fits comfortably in his budget and satisfies the critique of the so-said back-up team.

They're super excited!
Apartment #1: Upper 2-bedroom with a deck and a garage. Includes insanely narrows steps leading to the door, a peeling plastic floor, two huge pantries and three closets.

Initial Reaction: "Okaaaay." "Um." 
(Hannah refused to walk in, because she was concerned about the weirdness of doing so.)
This apartment includes fellow (dead) tenants.

Complete with a luxurious twelve inches of normal height ceiling in the bathroom. If one stands close enough to the showerhead, showering might be possible. Renters enjoy crawling to reach the bathroom closet, as the ceiling is about three feet.

Apartment #2: no one was there.

Apartment #3: no one was there.

Apartment #4: Oh the drama! Aidan illegally parked in a driveway and Bethany tried to back out the car while he was inside getting info. She was unable to reach the gas pedal due to extreme height differences. Apartment #4 included 2 bedrooms, new carpet (plus a random roll of FREE carpet that serves no purpose), and more closets.
 Initial reaction: The rug was balled up and the light bulbs were burnt out.
Apartment #5: extremely shady. No one was home. 
Initial reaction: "let's turn around."

Apartment #6: 1 bedroom complete with a dishwasher, washer/dryer, a supposed walk-in closet, a thermostat, kitchen with appliances, and a sliding door thing. Pets are not allowed, but dogs were barking everywhere.
Initial reaction: "DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Stay tuned for part two!


  1. Wow. I'm glad my house-hunting experience wasn't half as harrowing!!!

    1. Well, harrowing or not - it was ridiculously fun. ;)

  2. It was actually really exciting. The girls made it more fun of course. ;)

  3. Actually... I live in an apartment!! It's really nice actually.... ;D

    1. @ Josephine - AHHH! Share your success story. :) (What apartment?)

  4. Haha! Sounds like fun =)
    Hannah P

  5. Josephine's family lives just up the street from us (in the brown brick apartments)! That would be so fun if Aidan were that close!


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