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For the history of forever, I've had old jeans and the the curiosity that kills cats. Today I'm answering the age old question: can you make a jean skirt from jeans that doesn't look insanely weird?

Pinterest was unhelpful, so I began this daunting (and very heroic, if I say so myself) task of meticulously ripping out seams and pinning. and stitching. and pinning. and stitching.

The mismatched panels I added for the bottom layer and the back were an eyesore. So I dumped the whole skirt in bleach. It. . .was an interesting color afterward, to say the least.

I didn't put a panel in the front - because the panels tend to lay weird. I just opened up the fly-zipper-thinger-ma-bob and sewed it straight down the middle. The sides hung weird, because I didn't match up the flare on the bottom to the original jean sides. I don't know what I did, but I sewed something, and it stopped looking like a paper bag. Sorta.

It's a little beat-up and bleached for my taste.
But here you have it folks: you can make skirts out of jeans!


  1. That is sooo awesome! I wish I was that good as sewing! :) Great job!

  2. Hey, you wore that today when I saw you at practice!!! I gotta tell you, it looked awesome!!!! ;D I'm not as creative as you.... at sewing stuff!!! Awesome job!!! :)

  3. I don't usually care much for denim skirts, but this one is so cute! You're so talented, girl!

  4. Yes! Thank you, Bethany! I've seriously had this question before but never went as far as to try it so it is awesome to see what a beautiful skirt you made!


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