Sappy Is As Sappy Does | Valentine's Day 2015

Sappy Defined: Overly sweet and sentimental.

I think that term is a little vague. A form of sappiness would be making a CD of love songs that you sang strumming the ukelele with the fishing line strings.

I've never celebrated Valentine's Day nor have I celebrated "single awareness" day, because I honestly never cared about either. But then there's this boy. He, at the very least, needed chocolate (I work at a candy store, for heavens sake!)

The boy and I don't go out on  dates since the history of forever because A) we can't/don't and B) It's not like I really wanted to go out somewhere with a bunch of other starry-eyed couples doing weird things, complete with crabby waiters who keep giving you a million refills on tea.

So, I slurped my coffee and reluctantly told mom my last second plan of setting up a really cute dinner in the schoolroom that Aidan and I could enjoy - just the two of us. It doesn't get any sappier than that, folks. I expected mom to at least roll her eyes or tell me how scandalous it is to make food for your boy and eat it in a homeschool schoolroom.
(um. But she was thrilled. She even had grand envisions of sheer curtains strung across the doorway.)

But the real problem was A) keeping it a surprise  and B) finding enough time to throw it together after work (right. I work at a candy shop - and Valentine's Day is like chocolate never existed) and C) going all out sappy and making it super cute and special.
A little intimidating. Since I had one evening to plan it all. But I did folks (I DID!) and except for the menu, mostly everything was not inspired by pinterest. That makes me feel smart.

I collected all the dead sentimental flowers from our past, an assortment of candles, every single letter Aidan ever wrote to me, old valentine decorations, vintage pictures, lace curtains, lamps, chairs, crates. . .you get the picture. The day consisted of me pulling my hair up so it would dry curl (but I could still wear it to work - you know, head band curls) vacuuming up ancient antiquities in the schoolroom, serving fudge and worrying about the potential stupidity of the evening, and one hectic hour of pizza, salad, and souffle making (I've never made a souffle before - it's surprisingly easy. And quick, if you have a sweet daddy who washes the 10+ dishes for you.)

The boy arrived (early!) but I still managed to grab a blindfold, get a sister to light the eight candles, and sheepishly show him the reason I had been busy the past two days. . .

We had a pretty romantic evening, eating under-done pizza (that was actually super yummy. weird), inhaling helium from heart balloons (*sheepish smile*), chitty-chatting about nonsense, and watching Man of Steel with my sisters while pigging out on cheesecake.


  1. Aww, that's so sweet!

    Your decorations/menu turned out great!

  2. OH MY GOSH CUTENESS OVERLOAD. This is so perfect. And I'm really sad that I couldn't have been there to knock on the door and refill your tea a million times...........jk. ;) It's so weird the different dynamics Valentine's Day takes on when you're at school and when you're at home. Erich, Claire, and I celebrated Valentine's Day by making pancakes with sprinkles on a tiny hot plate, sitting desk, and doing homework. In other words, you're a way more sappy romantic girlfriend than I --- and it's super cute! :D

  3. You're right about the sappiness. :P Despite my groanings about that, and the weird conversations and songs I have to listen to in the car with you guys, (you know what I'm talking about), you're still pretty cute. And a cheesecake + "Man of Steel" night is pure epicness. not to mention the helium balloons. Oh, and I ate your leftover salad. It was good. :P

  4. This is our best memory yet. I loved every last second of it.

  5. The "Love is an Open Door" sign is so cute!

  6. It doesn't get any cuter than this!

  7. this is the good kind of sappiness and totally sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  8. Wow!!! That is so gorgeous!!! :D I decorate the house so that my mom and dad could have a nice night when they come back from a date. (I just usually decorate the living room and their bedroom with candles and other decor.) :) It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, considering the under-done pizza. :P

    1. @ Josephine - What?!? That's so sweet. I'm super duper curious - I wonder if we have the same personality types. . .because that was something I'd totally do when I was younger, too. ;)

    2. Well I know Sarah and I have sort of the same personality..... But yeah. I love doing that, but then if I light too many candles and mom thinks she has to put them away before bed, so I stopped doing it.... I just do it every once in awhile. :)


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