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The candy store is freezing and my feet ache from standing. The sealer is all warmed up and I begin the monotonous task of sealing packaged gummi worms shut. Michael Buble plays softly in the background. I'm sitting on a stool behind the jelly belly machine so customers won't see my laziness when they walk in. My nose is runny and I'm starting to wonder if I should break into the tuna sandwiches I packed that morning.

The door jingles open and I crane my neck to greet the newest sweet tooth.
And there he is - the boy himself, grinning over the panes of the display case.
"Can I help you?" I laugh.
I laugh again. And again. I'm downright tickled to see him.

I stand on my tiptoes and try my best to give him a hug without toppling over (seriously, I'm way too short) and then I tell him about the deaf guy who showed me his black eye while I was weighing his fudge. He stays a few minutes, and I wish him luck on his job interview. He leaves and I watch him walk away.

So, I mop the floor and listen to more Michael Buble. An old lady comes in looking for black licorice drops. We don't have them.

The time drags. I wonder what happened at his interview. Would he be done by the time I finished work? I redid the entire fudge chalkboard.
Another customer comes in, and she's talking a mile a minute. I weigh her fudge and tell her about our sugar free maple nut fudge she bought.

The door swings open and in bursts the boy - again! He impatiently waits behind the counter as I finish up the transaction. She finally leaves, fudge in tow, still talking.

The boy is grinning his ears off and leans over the fudge case.
"I got hired on the spot!" he says.
"You did?!?" I gasp.
Wait. He did! And then I squeal very unladylikely and trip over the iPad cords as I run over an give him a another hug and promptly invite him to supper for potato soup.

The End.


  1. P.s. This is also called, "my life is currently uneventful", so I write sappy stories about real life stuff that happened.

  2. This is such a sweet story <3 What a wonderful idea!

  3. It's so cute how your love story is a "hometown" one -- i.e., you can see each other at work, during the weekday. That's awesome that he got the job!! He's such a hard worker -- I'm not at all surprised! Where's he working??

    1. @ Bailey - Yeah. It's pretty down to earth. ;) He got a job at Wisconsin Film & Bag which is a factory for plastic bags. It's pretty sawesome, because he's able to keep his electric job as well, and this means he has to move to Shawano. No complaints. ^_^

  4. Very sweet story!!!! And the fudge makes me hungry!!!! ;)

    1. @ Josephine - Um, girl. Come over!! We have free fudge samples!!

  5. Small town candy store clerk meets local factory boy. It's got the makings of a great story! And the boy sure must love candy a lot, because he shows up so frequently at the store, do you think? :)

  6. This is a cute story and post more!

  7. Yay! Except now Lydia's plan for Aidan driving Emma up here for play dates will be foiled....


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