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I captured this:

Sunday mornings usually involve a mad last-minute stampede to the van. I have a thermos of coffee + a tote of every single hymn I ever owned + my purse + my coat. Mom grabs her big tub of Sunday School material, and then everyone crowds around the bathroom door and watches the amusement of dad teaching Joshua how to tie a tie.

Space heaters for when I can't find a pair of fuzzy socks. I literally do everything with my feet propped next to a space heater. Sometimes even piano (just don't tell my piano teacher, or she'll faint over my bad form.)

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  1. That is such a precious photo! It'll definitely be going in every single "growing-up" slideshow he'll be in. ;)

    That big space heater by the piano is such a lifesaver. Footsaver. I don't think I would've practiced piano otherwise. ;)


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