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YOLM: you only live monotonously.

Seriously, can anyone else attest having a an unexplainbly and utterly boring life sometimes?
My hand is in the air. Both hands, actually.

Of course, the monotony is broken by Caroline singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and lending me Olaf to make me feel better while I'm sick in bed.

Christian breaks the ice with his reaction to the princely attire he gets to wear for Robin Hood. P.s. I don't know anything about drafting a jerkin pattern.

Discussing "Hamburger" the cow with my little friends is entertaining and revolting at the same time. ("Mmm...he was so delicious!")

The boy who hands me an entire bag of granulated sugar with a sticky note that says, "You're sweeter than. . ." I'm telling you, my sappiness levels are completely satisfied. ^_^

Receiving a body wrap coupon that burns fat in 48 hours from a complete stranger. Um. . .thank you? I think that officially made the awkward list of the day. 


  1. Yeah, you know you're really special if Caroline lends your her Olaf. ;) Hey, at least you have new stories from the candy store all the time. I think the body wrap coupon is the most strange yet. Well, the turtle with the wax paper is close, too. Some people...

    1. Right. Despite my crushed self-esteem. . wouldn't it be just a *little* bit fun to do body wraps together? ;) That's almost better than our face-mask episode!!


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