10 fun ways to make play practice fun

{1} The Home Alone. Because only when you're alone can you warm-up to "ON MY OWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN!!!"

{2} The Sharpie Marker. Because writing down your thought process during everyone's lines makes you feel like your character is worthwhile.

{3} The Character Page. Because a bank of facial expressions and movie quotes that remind you of your character is visually satisfying and helpful.

{4} The Closed Eyes. Because you do have an imagination, you know.

{5} Mirror, Mirror. Because you can say a line 50,000 different ways in front of a mirror and it never gets boring. 

{6}  Microwave Moves. Because food takes too long to heat up, and kitchen floors make a great dance floor.

{7} Say Dance. Because dancing is exhausting and space-consuming, and muscle memory is sharper when your brain knows what you're doing first. And because "rainbow washer step" sounds better than doing it.

{8} Video Celebrity. Because you'll see every single awkward thing you ever did. It may save you embarrassment.

{9} Project Voice. Because you need the neighbors to know that they will be able to hear you on stage.

{10} The Lone Actor. Because who says you can't run through the villain's lines?


  1. Ah, Christian Bale and his versatile acting!

    Sometimes I wish I could banish the entire population of Hillsdale for twenty minutes so I can run around singing to my heart's content. I wish it was socially acceptable to belt Broadway tunes at 11 PM in my dorm. I wish my dorm room was bigger so that I can practice my Spiderman dance.

    I miss home and the Microwave Moves and the Home Alone.

  2. @Bailey: you have a Spiderman dance? Anyway, you'll be home soon for spring break (yay!) and can practice your microwave moves to your heart's content.

  3. Bailey, run around and sing for twenty minutes anyway!

    Fun post, Bethany. =)


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