cumpulsive creativity

 It's terrible; it really is. One moment, I'll be sitting down with a headache, and what do you know if the next moment I somehow find myself sitting with watercolors, sharpies, pencils and paper?
(And then I get Bob Marley stuck in my head, too. Plus, every single secret sentiment tied with that song.)

While portfolio-ing my doodling, I'll see the kitty sitting on the bench and instantly snap a bajillion pictures and delete half of them.

This will further prompt me to redo my magnetic board, take more pictures, an gripe about the terrible lighting. This, in turn, reminds me that I should be outside enjoying the sunshine. So, I put away the camera and promptly go outside clean out the car.

I'm definitely going to die from this.


  1. Haha, love this! I suffer from the same thing, compulsive creativity. ;)
    By the way you are really good at painting and calligraphy (not to mention that cat picture is phenomenal)! Awesome post, Bethany. <3

  2. Well, my board in my bedroom doesn't look to good either, so you're not the only one. ;) My sketches look really bad compared to yours, so don't feel bad. :D

    1. @ Josephine - girly. Art is in the eye of the beholder. As my piano teacher would say, "have a God perspective and give yourself some mercy!" I'm sure you're sketches are perfectly lovely. Let's just admit it, none of us can sketch like Rembrandt, so - just make a style of your own. :)
      And I think boards are meant to be messy. Like, seriously. I've never seen a clean one in my entire life. At least, not in my house!! ^_^

    2. Yeah. :)
      I think so too. :D I haven't seen a clean one either. I mean, they're supposed to be full of different stuff, so they're pretty much messy then!!! ;)

  3. WE ARE THE SAME. exactly. and you have good sketches/doodles/lettering or whatever you wanna call it; it's good.


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