Hair-tied / I want to remember this

I fling myself on the couch and contemplate my terrible life.
I'm tired.
I miss my boy.
I have no hair ties in the house. at. all.

Oh, horror. 
I prepare myself to spend a  tiring, messy-hair-day afternoon - alone.

And suddenly -
The boy.

He walks straight into the living room like nothing ever happened, and my scruples of "maybe he's coming by this afternoon" are affirmed in one ridiculous sentimental sob of, "hey!!!!"

I barrel straight into his arms babbling about how I wasn't sure if I was going to see him today, how I'm really tired from working but I shouldn't be, and how - "Wait. Are you okay?"

He's trembling. At least, his arm is.
He's laughing now,
"You've gotta help me!"
I've gotta what...?

He takes off his coat and reveals his arm which contains a whole package of hair ties up to his elbows. New hair ties at that. His hand is practically blue.

I stare for a few seconds in complete shock, and then we're both dying of laughter and trying to take off those silly hair ties before his arm really does fall off.

I call him a goof at least a million times as my sisters join in to help ease his pain. We explain that wearing new hair-ties is a form of torture in ancient China.
He just grins and explains,
"Well...you needed new hair ties and I wanted to surprise you!"

Silly boy.


  1. Haha!!!!! Is this a true story!?! Just kidding, but this is so funny!!!! :D I sometimes put hair ties on my arm and if they are new and not worn out, my hand turns purple.

  2. I just have to smile... :)
    Hannah P

  3. Ohmygoodness this is just too cute.


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