how to effectively have a crazy day

  • Stay up the night before by driving out with your daddy to rescue a stranded boy on the side of the highway.
  • Wear green socks with yellow polka dots. I think this situation makes it appropriate to say: YOLO.
  • .
  • Drive all over Shawano to surprise your boy with breakfast. And cold medicine (which spilled all over breakfast, but just overlook that.)
  • Visit a thrift store inhabited by old ladies who talk to walls.
  • Get stuck in a turn lane that makes you go left when you really wanted to go right. And that's not a political statement.
  • Sew a really ugly medieval jerkin.
  • Convince younger sister #2 to act as chaperone with Apartment Archers Episode 2
  • Visit the creepiest ant-infested upper apartment that ever existed which simultaneously freaks the living daylights out of the so-said sister and gives everyone a headache for three hours. Newly renovated = since the 1940s. I won't go into details.
  • Eat dinner and count how many glasses are broken or spilled. 2. I won't mention the amount of knives or paper towel rolls that ended up on the floor as well.


  1. "How old is this house....?"

    I was tempted to say after his answer: "Wow, it's got such character!"
    But really, I couldn't bring myself to say such a lie. Well it did have character in a way I suppose. Just not the way one would....Ahem. Appreciate.

    Instead I said "Yeah, it's innnteresting for sure..."

    1. @ Aidan - more like downright sinisterly falling apart. ;) You're good at keeping your emotions veiled. Sarah and I just stood gawking. :D

  2. I'm never chaperoning you again. :P
    I am forever scarred.


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