sick days / is it okay to rest?!

Thermometers make me feel like I'm in a hospice room with one of those heart machines bleeping that you're still alive. Instead it just means I barely have a fever even if I feel like a train ran over my head.

I shouldn't drink coffee when I'm sick, but I hate tea.
(I should try to subsitute something for my lost voice so I don't scare the deacon's wife when I answer the phone about Easter accompanying for church. Seriously, I might as well be named Frankenstein.)
I religiously keep my ipod on the nightstand so I can snag the boy on his three fifteen-minute-breaks. I always miss the breaks, because my ipod is ancient and broken and doesn't beep (like my thermometer) when there's a message. Or I was asleep.

 After sleeping in a bed all day and night; it gets boring. I shouldn't browse pinterest. But I do. Because it's not like I'm going to walk downstairs and prepare for a piano audition when I can barely stand.
but I still feel guilty about that.

I spent 11:00pm - 6:30am freaking out because no one could take my candy-store shift and I was pretty positive I was going to go in sick and faint all over someone's fudge. or something.
 I love my heating pad. It's 1970s floral. We've shared some great memories together.

 This morning, inbetween Tylenol - I was thinking of Mulan, (since all my relatives pictures are in the guestroom, where I currently reside.) My train of thought was,
"I'm so glad that ancestors stay dead. That would be creepy if they didn't."
That's a terrible thing to think. I'll blame it on my foggy head. 
The only time I can ever sleep with a bun in my hair is when I'm sick. I love the fact that I'm a complete utter frump in old tshirts, ripped shorts and crazy hair. My heating pad doesn't care.

I'm trying to decide whether I should finish my school since I feel well enough to type a blog post.
Or if I should go back to bed.
Based on my current train of though throughout the day - I'm pretty sure anything I write will be scandalously odd. So. . .


  1. I really liked this post, Bethany! Why are you always sick?? STAWP. But for reals, heating pads are the best things ever for illness...I get crazy cold when I'm sick, and they're always willing to cuddle! ;) Just in case you haven't decided, IT'S OKAY TO REST. Even if you're feeling slightly better, the more you move around, the more energy and proteins you're taking away from your immune system's fight. So keep lounging. ;)

  2. Well.... I feel sorry that you're sick. :( I hate being sick.... Everything about it! Unless it's being able to stay in bed all day and play video games. :P JK.... But I do like video games. ;)
    You're lucky!!! I don't have a heating pad. :/ And.... I can't drink coffee!! :D (I don't like it. I'd rather have tea.)

  3. Sorry you feel unwell. Here's to hoping you feel better soon.

    Coffee and tea are both diuretics, I'm not sure that one is better for you than the other. I suppose a certain amount of concern might be made for caffeine tolerance or dependence? I don't know.

    I can sympathize with the creepy undead relatives thing. On the surface it appears one way, but on further consideration there are so many ways that it would be really cool and desirable. I have lost some dear relatives I really miss and others I wish I had known better.

    I'm glad you felt well enough to put some of your thoughts down on "paper." You've given me some things to think about. Thanks.


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