walking down the aisle, crown braids, and shopping

Spent my Sunday crammed in the back of my car with the twin and the sister to attend a preparing for marriage series.
I walked down the aisle that night.
To the piano.

Kissed Caroline's nose on demand and did her hair in a crown braid.
(Caroline: "Well, I look like a princess.")

Went shopping with Bailey at Goodwill and sat in the dressing room. Fun stuff. Despite our rambunctious laughter over Bailey's various jean selections, some lady still knocked on the door. Hello, we're still in here.

We went through the random home-section aisle and I found my future home decor style.
(Is that the Tin Man's mother on her graduation day when she accidentally turned into a ghost and got super-glued to the podium? I think so.)

Bailey: steps out of car. "You know what I love?"
Me: "Wha------AGH! CAR!!!!"

We nearly died in the Wal Mart parking lot.
But Bailey didn't die, and finished her sentence.
She loved that we were walking without coats.
I loved that I had $1.45 in quarters, dimes, and nickels.


  1. TLC needs to make a reality show of us shopping...feeding one dollar bills into the self-checkout, debating the two-cent price differences between cheap toilet paper, and yes, nearly getting run over by fast and furious Walmart shoppers in their beat-up cars.

  2. Haha, this is cute :) The crown braids are definitely princess-like!

  3. Wow!!! Sounds like a fun shopping day!!!! Whenever I get to shop at Goodwill I get a $30 wardrobe that fits me for about 3 years. ;P


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