Yes, Virginia, Grand Pianos Are Mean / Piano Auditions

I will not even mention my disgust on how such a gorgeous (and super expensive) instrument can be utterly disgraceful.
Because I was disgusted.

The rooms were soundproof - that was cool.
I got a blueberry pop-tart after competing - which was cool.
And there was this amazing fifteen-year-old boy dressed like Sherlock Holmes who played the craziest awesome songs I've ever heard in my entire life - that was cool.

I'm trying to decide whether they are excruciatingly nervous about their piano audition, or excruciatingly bored. Your thoughts?

Via Lawrence University
Speaking of piano auditions, I totally played in this empty (see above) concert hall with a huge Steinway Grand.
And for all of you wondering, yes I did bring along my trusty encyclopedia. Good thing, too; the bench was absolutely way too short for proper support.
(All the same, I'm pretty sure the judge thought I was a noodle.)


  1. Piano auditions for what?
    And a fifteen-year-old boy dressed as Sherlock Holmes playing amazing piano songs? Now THAT I wish I could see.

    1. @ Miriam Rose - I guess I should've explained. They're not really auditions. It's a competition hosted by the Wisconsin Music Teachers Association for students. Basically, you play for a judge and your "overall" skills on piano are evaluated. You can go to state-track based on your skill, but my siblings and I didn't want all the pressure with that, so we stayed district-level and competed against ourselves. :)
      About Sherlock Holmes - now the funny thing was, his little brother was dressed as Dr. Who. I died.

    2. O_o Really?? The Doctor? I would've died too. They sound like fascinating fellows. :)
      Thanks for the explanation!

  2. Wait... so I'm just a little confused... why are grand pianos mean?
    Hmmm.... I think Sarah and Joshua look... tired? And I think a mixture of being bored AND nervous; auditions can be really scary, and yet somehow I can't help with be bored with them. Unless, of course, someone dressed like Sherlock Holmes walks in to play a piece like that! LOL
    Hannah Piotraschke

  3. Whaaat? You got to play a Grand? No fair?!!

    Some of those "higher end" pianos are definitely persnickety, though. I had to play a baby grand a few times...and it was pretty STIFF.

  4. Well, the judge must not have thought you were too much of a noodle, as he gave you a perfect 10 out of possible 10 points! Perhaps the encyclopedia seating impressed him...

  5. I love pianos. I don't care what it is, I just love them! But I'm pretty sure I would drool all over a Grand if I got to play one!

    Hey! I'm Han. I've been following your blog for a while, and always look forward to your posts. I've started a blog of my own, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out! http://brainlintblog.blogspot.com/

  6. Love the pic of Sarah yawning and Joshua being tired and bored. ;) Perfection.


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