Christian & Noelle | Coffee Shop Date

Life says you can't be in love three hours apart. People say you can't capture cute moments with IPods. Most coffee shops don't give you extra whipped cream.
But, my dear friends, miracles can happen.

I had the loveliest privilege to "chaperone" Christian and his girlie all over Shawano. I forget how weird it is to a be a third wheel sometimes (shoot, I had to hold my hand) but these two were just so adorable I kept smiling all day. (well. Noelle was adorable. Christian agrees.)
Christian and I have this understanding tolerance of each others significant others. I think that's what happens when you've grown up together ever since conception. ^_^

Noelle: I dub thee with this spoon.
Christian: wuuuuuuut.
Cue hypnotist music.

(Random side note + pictures: I acted as all-around-guide-and-decision-maker to touring downtown Shawano. We stopped by the store owned by a local cult (just to look around) and Christian found a friend. I found a sign. I think we illegally walked up forbidden staircases. The most romantic and screech-worthy part of the day was feeding the fish at the pharmacy!)


  1. you take really good pictures with an ipod! what did you use?

    1. Um. Well, I used a broken-used fourth generation IPod and edited it with the app, Fotor. :) (it's also online @ www.fotor.com)

    2. i have one of those. but your pictures are much better than mine.
      ah yes fotor's a good one.

  2. What a fun day! I wish I knew Noelle better. She's absolutely gorgeous, and I appreciate how respectful and sweet she and Christian are to each other.

  3. Haha!!!! :D Well, your siblings chaperone you, and now you chaperone.... One sibling. :D Sarah told me how she had to chaperone you and Aidan when you guys were doing your, house hunter thing. ;)

  4. Awwww. =] They look so sweet together. ;)


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